Thursday, March 21, 2013

Knitting My Way to Sanity

Well, I have definitely started knitting again.... It kind of goes that I will start and then life happens to me and I stop.  I have kind of recognized that I can't stop now that I miss it so much when I am not knitting it helps keep me on an even keel.  Even with my students and everything going out of whack that I need that knit, purl knit, purl or whatever I stitch I am doing.

I am presently working on several projects as usual, Something hard, something beautiful, something that will be utterly wonderful.  I am off on my knitting journeys including  The Prisoner of Azcaban Scarf.  I know its a little "old" but I got busy and it is perfect to work on between classes.   I will upload a picture in a bit but its starting to come together.