Friday, December 30, 2005

Don't post here often

It is amazing how many great blogs there are, and my knitting difficulties are small and insignificant compared to the complexities of life. I care about a lot of other issues but knitting blogs are simply that for knitting. A lot of people think we are hiding in the knitting, actually when I knit I have been able to solve so many problems. I have discussed more politics and got involved in issues because of online knitting discussions. So here's to knitting in the next year and more knitting.

Friday, November 04, 2005


I am enjoying everything I am knitting but I have to admit I am taking too long. I have at least 10 projects with me on a daily basis. I am finishing the seams on one sweater. I am making one front of a jacket and I am making a knitting tote bag. I have been working on one sock for 6 months and its on a singular loop. I am also making the front of a tank top. I am making my husband a sweater and I need to finish the sleeves and the front

I really need a kick hopefully I'll get on with it.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

First Post

I guess my first blog post should set the world on fire, should display my razor sharp wit, introduce me to the world as a go-getter! But....., I'm too tired so I'll just say hi, hopefully you'll like what I have to say and I'll enjoy saying it. I 'm a consumate knitter. I am a yarn snob, in that I like natural fibers. I understand synthetic yarns for afghans, pillows, baby clothes, some scarves, and school-age children's sweaters. Otherwise do the very best you can. I love to knit and I carry my bag every day. I have to touch yarn at least once a day so if you are like me you may enjoy what I have to say.